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Brooklands Homecare Limited offer our services to many different types of people:


  • The elderly.

  • The physically disabled.

  • Those with learning difficulties.

  • The terminally ill.

  • Those with mental health difficulties or problems.

  • Those recuperating after surgery or a stay in hospital.

We are available to provide anything from a 15 minute check call to 24 hour total care, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Personal Care


  • Help getting up in the morning, delivering a cup of tea in bed, help getting you dressed and making your breakfast.

  • Assistance with washing/bathing, combing or washing your hair, brushing your teeth or shaving.

  • Assistance with toilet requirements.

  • Cooking a meal at lunch or tea time.

  • Helping you get undressed for bed and either helping you into bed or leaving you comfortable in front of the TV.

  • Sleep-in care, where the Carer sleeps over to be available when needed.

  • Waking-night, where the Carer remains awake to help and support you if you require any assistance during the night.


General Support


  • Companionship - Carers will sit with Clients and make friendly conversation and talk about general topics.

  • Transportation - Carers are insured to take you shopping if you wish, take you to, and stay with you during appointments, or for a trip to the park.

  • We are able to help with all types of correspondence, including letter writing and form-filling.

  • We can assist you with your hoovering, dusting or laundry, help with ironing or any other domestic assistance you require, or we can go shopping for you.

  • Our Carers are there to prompt medication as and when you require it. 


What happens next?


Should you decide to use our services, our Branch Manager will be happy to assist you in planning how and when your care will be delivered. Our Manager will be available to discuss your needs either by way of a telephone conversation or if you would prefer a more in-depth discussion we can agree a convenient time to visit you at home.


If you are interested in hearing more about our services and would like to arrange an informal discussion with one of our senior staff regarding any aspect of our service, please do not hesitate to contact us. 




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